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Although Yuuki Jouji had now become a fugitive, he was still loyal to Destron. Having been solely a Science Legionnaire working internally at Destron's Japan HQ, he had little knowledge of the level or the true nature of terrorism being used against humanity. He belived the High Destron's words of creating a real and concrete Utopia on Earth - but Yuuki did not realize that this 'utopia' was for Destron, not mankind.

Thus, at the time of his betrayal by Marshal Armor, Yuuki only desired enacting revenge against his betrayer. This caused Yuuki a loss of self-identity, as a self-proclaimed 'avenging demon', he attempted to fight Marshal Armor's forces sent against him, while blindly following the High Deston's orders to defeat Kamen Rider V3.
Kazami Shiro, knowing that Yuuki Jouji was in fact Riderman, tried to persuade him to fight against the whole Destron Organization. He sensed that Yuuki was misled by his mentors and kept blind from their true intentions - therefore, Kazami knew that Yuuki was in fact morally good, different from the majority of Destron's members.

Despite the fact that Yuuki had now become an enemy of Destron, he continued to fight against Marshal Armor to prove his innocence to the High Destron, and regain his honor. But, this massive effort started to wear down Yuuki, and he began to feel indifferent towards Kamen Rider V3 - at times fighting alongside him; at times against him. It was a lonely and difficult period for Yuuki Jouji.

[ Riderman Introduction | About Riderman | Riderman vs. V3 | Death of Riderman? ]

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