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As Destron began to reach its limitations in Japan under the constant successful victories by Kamen Rider V3 (and Riderman), the evil organization made a last desperate attempt to conquer Japan. A nuclear missile, or "Pluton Rocket", whose warhead contained an element even more powerful than standard atomic or hydrogen weapons, was targeted at Japan's capital - a city of over 17 million people: Tokyo.

Meanwhile, Kazami Shiro and Yuuki Jouji began search for the newest Destron hideout.

As they proceeded, Kazami became caught in a Destron trap! An explosion left him unconscious and seperated him from Yuuki. It was left to Yuuki Jouji to press the attack on the outpost.
Yuuki found the Destron hideout, and reached for the main controls room. As he overheard the terrifying plans for the annihilation of Tokyo and all its citizens, his presence was revealed by the High Destron Leader!

Yuuki confronted his master and pleaded that, "The citizens of Tokyo are innocent!" But the High Destron ignored his words and ordered Marshal Armor to commence the attack, and to destroy Yuuki Jouji!

Yuuki was in shock, "I must have been worshipping the Devil!" Finally, Yuuki Jouji made the decision to join Kazami Shiro - in utterly destroying the whole Destron Organization!
Yuuki, although having transformed into Riderman, failed to stop Marshal Armor in commencing the launch sequence. His only hope was to board the "Pluton Rocket" itself and detonate the warhead before the missile reached Tokyo.

Kazami Shiro, having regained consciousness, transformed into V3 and raced for the Destron outpost. But, he was too late. Kamen Rider V3 could only watch helplessly as the Pluton Rocket - boarded by the forever estranged Riderman - exploded, mid-air, into a million shards of hot-white sparks...

And thus it came to pass, that Kamen Rider V3 honored Riderman's sacrifice for humanity by proclaiming, "YOU ARE Kamen Rider No. 4!"

[ Riderman Introduction | About Riderman | Riderman vs. V3 | Death of Riderman? ]

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