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Riderman was different from the Kamen Riders in that only his right arm was cybernetic. Thus, in comparison to the all-bionic V3, his combat abilities are much inferior. However, Riderman cleverly utilizes his interchangeable arms to compensate for his seemingly mortal limitations (as a Destron Science Legionnaire, he must have undergone some physical improvements, above that of ordinary humans). His "Rope Arm" provides jumping and escaping ability; his "Power Arm" - strength in battle. Furthermore, Yuuki Jouji, having been a former Destron Science Legionnaire, has full knowledge in the use of equipment at Destron's science laboratories. This advantage has helped him save an inflicted Kamen Rider V3 on at least one occasion.

Used mainly in battle, though especially useful in hacking away doors, walls and anything else in Riderman's path.
Built-in rope gun. Mainly used to aid maneuverability or escape. Hook end of rope can also be used in battle.
Built-in net gun - for ensnaring and imprisoning his enemies.
Flail - used in battle. Can be extended and and used as a swinging weapon.
Drill used as applicable (requires 5000V to operate, though has been successfully deployed at 2500V)

Riderman uses a normal motorcycle (Suzuki 250cc) as means of transportation.

[ Riderman Introduction | About Riderman | Riderman vs. V3 | Death of Riderman? ]

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