Kamen Rider V3 possesses 26 Secret Techinques/Weapons. Each Secret Techinque/Weapon is designed to enchance V3's abilities, provide aid when faced with danger, or used to destroy his enemies!

*NOTE* Not all of the following 26 Secrets of Kamen Rider V3 were revealed during the TV series. They were also not numbered in any manner. Further, there were many occasions where the introduction of a new Secret was not formally announced by V3 (or the narrator) - but simply revealed as part of the script. There are also several techniques used in the series, which may or may not have been intended as one of the 26 Secrets, which can be discussed and debated. There were no formal introductions to the 26 Secrets in the 'Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Mutants' theatrical featurette (1973), although some Secrets were deployed by V3.

Kamen Rider V3's first and foremost weapon - the Henshin belt "Double Typhoon". Kazami Shiro transforms into V3 by performing the "Henshin", a series of moves which activates the 2 revolving pistons of the Double Typhoon, and then converts the accumulated wind energy to transform Kazami into Kamen Rider V3.

Kamen Rider V3 is powered by the right "Kamen Rider No.1 Typhoon" and the left "Kamen Rider No.2 Typhoon". This allows V3 to utilize both the "Skill" of No.1 and the "Strength" of No.2
Communication device between Kamen Rider V3 and the Double Riders. Can be used to communicate with the Shonen Raida-Tai Headquarters and the scouts' individual Pendants.
The V3 Hopper is a surveillance advancement built into V3 by the Double Riders. Residing in a holster on the left side of V3's Henshin Belt, this mini transmission satellite is rocket-propelled vertically into the air to allow V3 an extensive view of the surrounding terrains, or to track fleeing enemies. The images captured by the V3 Hopper are directed to V3's Matrix Eye.

Maximum Ceiling: 500m

Limited Surveillance Range: 10 km2
Spinning in mid-air, allows kick to generate massive centrifugal power.
By calling upon the power of Double Typhoon, Special Hardened Muscles form a powerful resistance.
Special technique allows a devastating mid-air spinning kick to be dealt to an enemy's body.
The spring muscles can withstand up to 10 times the force put against them.
Counter-spinning attack used against opponent.
Device which records and analysis enemies' attacks and weapons. The result: V3 learns from his battles and does not lose to a repeated attack/weapon.
Red Lamp Power draws in an outside energy directed at V3, and doubles it in return.
1,000,000 Volts of electricity are run throughout the surface as an effective deflector.
Kamen Rider V3's signature move. Allows a repeat kick, via springing off the kaijin, to the exact point of first contact.
Expels the energy stored in the belt, causing a power concussion to the target.

*After performing the Reverse Double Typhoon, Kazami can only re-transform to V3 after a three-hour period.
Concentrates all of V3's energy into the center vertical thorax, or "Red Bone", and then expel all the energy at once.
Causes the fusing of metal blades which come into contact with V3's body; best utilized through the crossing of hands, in order to block and damage metal weapons.
Stores 3hrs. of oxygen for marine battle.
Mufflers on the back assists in guiding V3 while flying, or gliding to earth.
X-rays can penetrate a mutant's body to locate its weak-point.
Special muscles allows arms to spin as a propeller, to deliver powerful blows.
Can trace the undetectable footprints of kaijin.
Located in a circuit box on the right the right of V3's Henshin Belt. Allows channeling or conversion of internal or external power sources - such as the Double Rider's pendant.
Pulls full internal power to focus a sub-zero effect on an opponent or object, shot from the antennae.
Special Attachment to the standard V3 Hopper, which creates a sound vibration which disturbs the physical nature of mutants and legionnaires; also can create a limited personal barrier to protect humans from mutant attacks.
A 1,000,000 Volt electrical charge fired from V3's antennae.
Detaches from V3's body to form a rolling weapon.
Nuclear-generated power in transferred into V3's foot to allow a burning and explosive kick.

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