The Boys' Kamen Rider Squad (Shonen Kamen Raida-Tai) is formed from recruiting juveniles across Japan, much like the Boy Scouts, whose major and daunting tasks couldn't be more different: provide reconnaissance and intelligence on Deston's movements for the V3 cause. Their main headquarters (HQ) is located in Tokyo, Japan - secretly hidden within Tachibana Tobei's 'Central Sports' shop.

The Kamen Rider V3's Boys Squad is the 2nd generation task force asked to serve humanity. The original Boys' Squad was founded during Hongo Takeshi, Tachibana Tobei, and FBI Taki Kazuya's fight against SHOCKER - and its work continued until the end of GELSHOCKER.

Each 'Shonen Rider' is equiped with a radio transmission device, used to communicate with each other, and to alert the HQ of any Destron sightings or activities. As each member would relay their messages to one another, the Boys' Squad had formed a communications network covering the entire Japanese islands. Additional field equipment are varied, including simple bicycles for transportation, to concealed lockpicks in their attire.
One of the founders of the original Boys' Kamen Rider Squad. Now formed around V3, Tachibana continues to head the team - this time against the minions of Destron. The only person in the Boys' Squad who knows that Kazami Shiro is in reality Kamen Rider V3, is Tachibana Tobei. Not even Tama Junko or Shigeru know V3's secret identity.

* Tachibana Tobei would go on to figure as an important figure for the Kamen Riders and was almost like a father-figure to them. He is an expert mechanic, and headed his own 'Tachibana Racing Club', a motorcross team which participated in various competitions throughout Japan. Hongo Takeshi, Taki Kazuya and Kazami Shiro have raced for his team. The 'Kamen Rider' logo was originally his motorcross Team Emblem.
A pivotal person in Kazami Shiro's life. After saving Junko from the clutches of Destron, Kazami's parents and sister were then murdered by the Secret Society for harboring her in their home.

Feeling emphathy for him, Junko's intentions to join the fight were initially rejected by Kazami. But as the battle with Destron continued, and with her persistent efforts, Kazami slowly began to accept and value her importance. They later formed an amicable older brother/younger sister relationship, although in the early stages of this relationship there seemed to be a romantic tension between them. But, it was not to be. She is Tachibana's third-in-command.
Junko's younger sibling, and the first 'Shonen Rider' to be recuited into the V3 Boy's Squad - after he was caught snooping around Tachibana's Central Sports shop, trying to find out what his sister was secretly up to.

Since then, Shigeru played a predominate role in the group's reconnaissance tasks, and at times, more dangerous missions alongside Kamen Rider V3.
From what appears to be a normal sports shop, the Boys' Kamen Rider Squad HQ, and nerve-center, secretly operates within. Its main task is to act as the hub for communication between the Boys' Squad and Tachibana Tobei. Mission planning and hospitalizing injured or important figures (such as scientists and witnesses pursued by Destron) are common activities found here.

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