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Kazami Shiro was a 22-year-old biochemistry major at Jonan University, Tokyo. One night, he accidently witnesses the brutal murder of a road worker. Little did Kazami know that this event would change the entire course of his life.

The murderer was no ordinary man, but member of the secret society known only as DESTRON. Destron is, at its heart, a terrorist organization, formerly known as the GELSHOCKER ALLIANCE (a joint organization between SHOCKER and GELDAM), whose objective is the conquest of the world, the destruction of civilization, and the enslavement of mankind.
Because of what he saw, Kazami was targeted for assassination. After several failed attempts, while away, Destron attacked his family home. He returned, only to watch helplessly as his parents and sister were horribly slaughtered...

It was at this moment that his mentor Hongo Takeshi came to the rescue. With the words "Rider...Henshin!", Hongo Takeshi transformed and revealed his true identity - KAMEN RIDER!

Hongo Takeshi and Ichimonji Hayato were the cybernetic KAMEN RIDERS, having previously fought and defeated both SHOCKER and GELSHOCKER. Little did they know that the evil society had secretly regrouped - to form DESTRON.

Kazami was now burning for revenge. He pleaded with his mentor to transform him into the cyborg - half human, half grasshopper - freak, the KAMEN RIDER. But the Kamen Riders were reluctant to do so. Being a Kamen Rider meant that one would never experience life as a true mortal man again. The aftermath would be a painful experience...

The DOUBLE RIDERs once again fought for justice, this time against the DESTRON.
As our heroes fought their way into a Destron's hideout, they suddenly fell into a trap! A familiar voice was overheard from a strange scorpion-shaped ornament, "We meet again! Kamen Riders!". The GREAT LEADER had survived!

"I have regrouped and become stronger! I will continue my plans to destroy mankind and conquer this world! Our scientist have developed an ANTI-CYBORG ray, solely to destroy you! Now perish, KAMEN RIDER!!"

Under the Anti-Cyborg beams, the hapless Kamen Riders slowly began to disintegrate. From what seemed almost certain doom, Kazami Shiro came to the rescue! Braving the pain of the burning device, Kazami saved the Kamen Riders by throwing himself into its deadly beams...

With a critically wounded Kazami dying in their arms, the Kamen Riders were left with only one choice - to tranform Kazami Shiro into KAMEN RIDER V3!

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