The Destron Legionnaires compromise the bulk of the vast and world-wide Destron Army. They are required to perform a numerous array of duties, ranging from supporting mutant field operations to the manning and operations of each Destron Agit ('Agitation Point' or 'outpost') and Headquarters, throughout the globe.

These shocktroopers are not ordinary men who are fanatical followers of the Destron cause -- they are clones, created by Destron scientists from the cells of perfect human specimens. Although little is known about Destron's cloning process, these soldiers are far superior to those utilized in Shocker's Black and Red Legionnaires (who were simply brainwashed civilians)*, and are conditioned for excellence, under the ever watchful eyes of the High Destron.

These fearless minions are trained to attack and always work within a group. There is no free-thought allowed among the legionnaires; they live unconditionally by Destron's doctrines and edicts, following the will of the High Destron and the orders of his mutants. Born from the womb of this secret society, above all else, they live and die only for the name and glory of Destron. If captured by unfriendly forces, and in order to insure the security of Destron secrets, they will self-detonate.

While much of the background and origin of the Destron Legionnaires are shrouded in mystery, what is certain is that they possess x5 the combat abilities and strength of a normal human being. They can traverse long stretches in very little time, and can cover a distance of 100m in 9.8sec. The legionnaires are rigorously trained in the martial arts and are skilled super-human acrobats. Destron Legionnaires are also expert in a wide variety of weapons (but seem to favor knives and spears), as well as being versatile in various mechanical and vehicular skills.

Within the Destron Military Structure, the only soldiers stronger than the legionnaires are the smaller specialist units, taken from the cream of the crop, and forming such squads such as the dreaded 'Destron Rangers' and the infamous 'Second Unit.'

At the peak of Destron's reign, the Destron Legionnaires numbered over 280,000 world-wide. Conversely, Gelshocker Legionnaires numbered 120,000, and Shocker Legionnaires numbered a mere 20,000.

*The original Shocker Legionnaires were created from innocent, kidnapped civilians. These abductees would undergo a 'stress test' to determine whether they would survive the 'bionic' retrofitting process. This would involve withstanding numerous and enormously pain-inducing experiments and operations. Those who survived would undergo the final cybernetic operation and be drafted into the Shocker Legionnaires. Those who didn't would either be tortured to death, become slave labor, or used as test subjects for newly developed weapons - as punishment for their 'failure'...
Destron's Hell Squad was originally a group of Japan's top-notch Motocross Racers. They were captured by Destron Legionnaires during a cross-country race (in which Kazami Shiro also participated) and were injected with an hypnotic serum, leaving them in the control of Lens-Ari.

With V3 (supposedly) dead, the Destron's Hell Squad's mission was to intercept the secret delivery of essential nuclear ingredients used in man-made satellites, in order to build Destron's formidable arsenal to deadlier heights.

Aside from this short-lived squad, the average Destron Legionnaires are also trained in rigorous motorcycle skills.
The Destron Science Legionnaires specialize in the study and implementation of cutting-edge science in order to further the Destron cause. Their main activities focus on the creation and improvement of their hideous cybernetic mutants (formed with humans, plants, animals, and machinery), as well as the development of new murderous weapons of personal and mass destruction. Their true identities seem to be largely shrouded in mystery (although they are not clones), but among the handfuls who had successfully defected and fleed from Destron's grip, it was found that they were a mixture of kidnapped scientists, and those civilians sympathetic to Destron.

The High Destron places great emphasis and devotion towards the study of these sciences, and had been 'collecting' and inducting brilliant minds from the far corners of the world, to enable Destron to expand it's vast academic wisdom. Many times they would utilize this 'acquired' knowledge in a twisted manner, with horrifying results for humanity.

At the peak of Destron's reign, the Science Legionnaires numbered over 1,500 world-wide. Conversely, the Gelshocker Science Legionnaires numbered 1,000, and Shocker Science Legionnaires numbered a mere 100.
The High Destron's Personal Guard are a elite secret division, who report and act solely to the High Destron himself. Their task is to act as personal bodyguard to the High Destron, and are only called upon if and when the High Destron's physical location is compromised.

They are much more skilled and powerful than ordinary Destron Legionnaires, and even a small squad of them can cause V3 more than a few problems...

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